Rx8 BL Sensored/Sensorless 1/8 ESC

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Tekin's RX8 is big power in a small package. Based off of the proven RS series Speed Control the RX8 takes large scale current demands in stride. Leading the industry not only in power handling ability but size and features with Drag Brake, Neutral width, Throttle Profiles, Voltage Cut Offs for Lipos and much more. The RX8 sits at only 38.1 x 56.4 x 37.1mm, a small foot print making it easy to install on any chassis. Don’t negotiate the track, attack it with extreme prejudice.


Easily Access Programming, Anywhere, Anytime

  • Drives Sensor/Sensorless Brushless and Brushed Motors
  • D2: Dual Drive Mode Technology
  • On-Board Temperature Indicator
  • Removable/Replaceable Cooling Fan
  • PC Interface for HotWire Programming
  • HDAC: High Density Copper Fet Boards
  • Sensor Plug for Precise Commutation with all Motors
  • Solder Posts for Easy Wire Replacement
  • Self Test Diagnostics and Factory Reset
  • Adjustable Drag Brakes
  • Pit Tune Mode
  • DGF2: Digital Glitch Filtering V2
  • QuickTune™ Programming
  • One-Touch Radio Calibration


30mm RX8 Fan Included #TT3812
  • High airflow volume for extreme cooling
  • Impact resistant durable design for offroad applications
  • Brushless motor driven

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